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Why Come to Colorado?

We get it. Colorado is far away. It would take you fifteen hours to get your whole group to Durango. And then you have to get BACK home! Your kids don’t like the idea of camping out and hiking. You would be so far away from WIFI. Wait, is that even a real excuse? We don’t think so. The other things might be a concern for you, though. Maybe this will help!

10 reasons to come hang out with Compass Wilderness in Durango, Colorado

  1. A change of scenery. Say goodbye to skyscrapers and traffic for a week!
  2. Cooler temps. Who doesn’t want to wear a fleece and beanie in July?
  3. New adventures. We’re betting you don’t get to have lunch by a mountain river every day.
  4. The bond your students will form with each other both at camp and that long bus ride. Road trips = memories.
  5. You have the choice of tent and sleeping bag or condo and bed.
  6. A fresh perspective on God’s love.
  7. Pretending you are Spiderman as you rappel down a rock face.
  8. A week away from checking your phone, e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, blog…
  9. Not having to plan curriculum, meals, worship time, free time, and games. We’ve got it all!
  10. Watching your students discover what they are capable of.